Update on Caffiend 1.3

I wanted to offer all of our users an update on Caffiend 1.3, our latest update. We have had the update submitted to Apple and awaiting their app review teams to clear us for release since late September. We had originally intended this update to coincide with the release of iPhones 6S and iOS9, so this long of a delay comes as a huge shock to us.

Our 1.3 update is fairly substantial, so we are quite excited to get it into your hands.

There isn’t much we have been able to learn thus far, but the review process for this update is taking much longer than usual. In the meantime, we have began work on Caffiend 1.4 and also have been addressing some holes in our drink database. Thanks to some reviews on the App Store and some email feedback from our users, we have added Costa Coffee drinks, a UK based company. We have also added drinks from Dunkin’ Donuts in the USA. We will be adding more drinks from some additional companies in the UK, including SSP, Caffé Nero, Wild Bean Café and Coffee Republic.

We are planning on expanding our drink list throughout other European countries during the first half of 2016. Thanks for supporting us as we move forward with Caffiend.

– Matt