Introducing Caffiend 2

Caffiend 2 Beta

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost four years since Caffiend version 1.0 launched on the App Store. A lot has changed since then, but the biggest change is yet to come. Since Caffiend’s birthday is here, it seemed like an appropriate time to announce Caffiend 2.

Over the last year I have been rewriting Caffiend from scratch to take advantage of new technologies in iOS and fix some longstanding bugs and issues. After 9 updates full of new features, Caffiend was starting to show its age.

Caffiend 2 is focused on reliability, predictability and utility. Caffiend has always been the fast way to track your caffeine, but with version 2.0 I’m doubling down on solving some longstanding issues that deal with weird calculation bugs, translations between metric and imperial units, journal editing and more. I’ll be releasing a full feature list soon, along with a private beta.

If you would like to be involved in the beta, follow Creative Ave on Twitter @Creative_Ave to get the latest updates. To tease a bit more, here is a screen of the redesigned Dashboard from the latest internal builds of Caffiend 2. Caffiend 2 will be available soon on the iOS App Store. It will be a free update to all current Caffiend users and for new users it will still cost only 99¢. Enjoy!

Number Now 4.5 Update Available

A new update for Number Now is available, bringing the app to version 4.5. This update includes the following :

• A change to app behavior – the app will no longer quit when the window is closed. You can now click on the dock icon to bring the application window back without restarting the app.

• Slight UI Changes – added labels to the Starting Number and Number of Record text boxes and changed the placeholder text to better describe what should be entered in those text boxes.

• Fixed a bug that could cause custom column title names to not save properly.

• Fixed a bug that could cause custom presets to not function properly

Hope you enjoy this update! If you have questions or would like to submit feedback, email or visit our support section.

Number Now 4.0 Available for macOS Mojave

Recently Number Now received a brand new update to coincide with the release of macOS Mojave.

Number Now 4.0, available now on the all new Mac App Store, includes compatibility with Dark Mode in macOS Mojave, along with some other bug fixes. If you already have Number Now installed, this is a free update though the App Store. If not, this is a great time to download Number Now and start making numbered, data merge ready files for tickets, raffles, invoices and more for only $1.99. 

Link : Number Now on the Mac App Store

Number Now 3.0 released

Number NowWe are pleased to announce that Number Now 3.0 has been made available in the Mac App Store. This is a complete rewrite of the app and includes a reworked interface and a dramatically faster, modern engine written in Swift. The following features are also available :

• Redesigned interface
• Brand new multithreaded engine written in Swift
• Massive performance increases (over 100%)
• App performance increased in large lists (> 500,000)
• Added progress and activity indicators
• Added ability to start list at 0
• Added ability to reverse order of list
• Precursor can now be added to either front or back of the numbering
• Built in help added
• Custom presets – add 5 of your own preset scenarios
• Added explanation text for options
• Touch Bar support on MacBook Pro (2016 & 2017)

We’re thrilled with this update and hope you enjoy the new features and improvements. If you have feedback be sure to leave us a review on the Mac App Store or on Twitter @creative_ave

Link : Number Now on the Mac App Store

Release Notes for Caffiend 1.9

Recently we released another update for Caffiend – Caffeine Tracker on iOS. This update, version 1.9, addresses some bugs users had reported when they had decided not to use related features. They are :

• Fixed a bug that would cause totals not to update properly when editing drinks
• Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause manual entries to not be added into daily totals
• Fixed a bug that would cause the Caffiend Today widget to not update when units were set to metric

If you find any additional bugs, please report them to

Thanks for your support,


Caffiend 1.7 Update Is Now Live!

We’re happy to announce that we have released Caffiend 1.7, our latest major update which has been in development for the past year. Besides the usual performance improvements and bug fixes, this update includes :

• Optimizations for iOS 10
• Barcode Scanner is back! Scan items to add them directly to your Journal.
• All new icons for drinks
• Fixed a bug that caused editing custom drinks to default to oz even when preferences were set to metric
• Journal entries can now edited
• Updated UI for Daily Totals on Dashboard
• Redesigned interface for drinks
• Drink Totals will now include data from other apps ( Requires access)
• More accurate calculations around the app
• New Today Widget designed for iOS 10
• Improved UI on Apple Watch
• Performance Improvements to Apple Watch app
• Other Bug Fixes

We hope you enjoy this update, we have worked very hard to bring it to you!

Caffiend : Year Two Update

It’s hard to believe that Caffiend is now two years old. When we launched Caffiend we honestly had no idea what to expect. Two years and thousands of users later we have been humbled by the countless emails from users like you telling us how much they enjoy Caffiend and how it has helped them with their caffeine consumption.

I know things have been quiet on the Caffiend front for the past few months, but we have been very hard at work. We are working on a new update, one of the largest ones we have ever done. There are lots of new features, speed increases, updates to existing features and lots of bug fixes. We are aware that a lot of users saw an increase in bugs with Caffiend 1.6, so we have made it a priority to focus on bug fixes in this release and not to rush the update out.

We haven’t unveiled a complete list of new features, but that should drop in the next couple of weeks. We will do a full preview before launch. In the meantime, I wanted to thank every single user of Caffiend and let you know how much we enjoy working on this app for you. The past two years have been amazing and I speak for everyone at Creative Ave when I say we are excited about where the future will take us.

As a birthday present, I have included a single screenshot showing some of the new features of the Caffiend 1.7 update. This is a screen of the redesigned dashboard, but there are plenty more new features left to unveil. Enjoy and thank you once again for all your support!

– Matt

Tabletop Life Episode 12 Now Available!

Episode 12 of the Tabletop Life Podcast is now available. We celebrate our one year anniversary in style, covering March Madness, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, the NES Classic and of course, lots of tabletop games. We discuss This War of Mine : The Tabletop Game, Pandemic Legacy : Season 1, Star Wars: Destiny Expansions, Ticket To Ride Germany and our game of the month, Agricola Family Edition.

Find the show on your podcast platform of choice, or visit for show links. Watch for our next episode where we are playing Star Wars: X-Wing to celebrate May the Fourth!

Caffiend 1.5.2 Bug Fixes

We wanted to follow up on the reports from a small number of users who are still seeing sync issues between Caffiend on iPhone and Caffiend on Apple Watch. We recently released Caffiend 1.5.1 to address these issues, but they have persisted for some users.

To further address this, we are preparing Caffiend 1.5.2 that will be finalized very shortly. We are adjusting some of our logic for how we address the timing of synchronizations based on feedback from users still experiencing issues.

We are really sorry for any interruption this has caused for you. We are very proud of Caffiend and all the new features we have been able to bring you, but bugs that cripple that experience are a major bummer. At Creative Ave, we use Caffiend ourselves to track our consumption and want everyone to have the same bug-free experience.

Stay tuned


Caffiend 1.5.1 coming soon!

We are planning a minor update to Caffiend 1.5 that squashes a few bugs that have been reported. Thanks to Caffiend users Joe and Vince for helping us pin down these specific issues.

We also have included much improved Voice Over support for those using Accessibility settings.

Thanks for your continued support and please review Caffiend on the App Store. Also feel free to send us any feedback you may have, as customer demand helps shape future releases.