Updater not functioning properly

We are aware of an issue where in certain circumstances the built in drink update mechanism in Caffiend will fail to check for updates. This will be corrected in Caffiend 1.1.

At this time, you may still check for drink updates manually. This functionality works as intended

29 thoughts on “Updater not functioning properly

  1. Try as I might I can only get one (first one) of the FAVORITES on the home screen to add hydration as part of an added entry. Position 2 and 3 update the caffeine fine, but not water. I have deleted the app, and all data, did a reset of the phone, reinstalled the app, added my favorites with the exact same results. However, if I add an item from the added page and not the home page everything works fine.

    1. Sorry to hear that Bob, I’m happy to help you get this resolved. Do you encounter this behavior with any beverage or just certain ones? If you don’t mind let us know which beverage(s) you are using and we will test for errors in the database. Thanks!

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