SHS Sports for Android Available!

SHS Sports for AndroidI’m very proud to announce that our first app for Android, SHS Sports, is now available.

We’ve been very busy working on building a great version of SHS Sports for Android over the last year and the results are great. We are almost at full parity with the iOS version out of the gate. Like on iOS, the Android version is free.

In related news, we have begun updating all the information for Fall 2015. I know we’re running a little late with this, but getting SHS Sports for Android out was a top priority. Now we can update users of both versions at the same time.

SHS Sports for Android can be downloaded from Google Play here.

SHS Sports for iPhone can be downloaded from the App Store here.


P.S – Columbus East and Columbus North fans – CE Sports and CN Sports will also be getting updates soon that will bring them into parity with iOS and Android. Stay tuned!