Introducing Caffiend 2

Caffiend 2 Beta

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost four years since Caffiend version 1.0 launched on the App Store. A lot has changed since then, but the biggest change is yet to come. Since Caffiend’s birthday is here, it seemed like an appropriate time to announce Caffiend 2.

Over the last year I have been rewriting Caffiend from scratch to take advantage of new technologies in iOS and fix some longstanding bugs and issues. After 9 updates full of new features, Caffiend was starting to show its age.

Caffiend 2 is focused on reliability, predictability and utility. Caffiend has always been the fast way to track your caffeine, but with version 2.0 I’m doubling down on solving some longstanding issues that deal with weird calculation bugs, translations between metric and imperial units, journal editing and more. I’ll be releasing a full feature list soon, along with a private beta.

If you would like to be involved in the beta, follow Creative Ave on Twitter @Creative_Ave to get the latest updates. To tease a bit more, here is a screen of the redesigned Dashboard from the latest internal builds of Caffiend 2. Caffiend 2 will be available soon on the iOS App Store. It will be a free update to all current Caffiend users and for new users it will still cost only 99¢. Enjoy!

Caffiend 1.7 Update Is Now Live!

We’re happy to announce that we have released Caffiend 1.7, our latest major update which has been in development for the past year. Besides the usual performance improvements and bug fixes, this update includes :

• Optimizations for iOS 10
• Barcode Scanner is back! Scan items to add them directly to your Journal.
• All new icons for drinks
• Fixed a bug that caused editing custom drinks to default to oz even when preferences were set to metric
• Journal entries can now edited
• Updated UI for Daily Totals on Dashboard
• Redesigned interface for drinks
• Drink Totals will now include data from other apps ( Requires access)
• More accurate calculations around the app
• New Today Widget designed for iOS 10
• Improved UI on Apple Watch
• Performance Improvements to Apple Watch app
• Other Bug Fixes

We hope you enjoy this update, we have worked very hard to bring it to you!

Caffiend : Year Two Update

It’s hard to believe that Caffiend is now two years old. When we launched Caffiend we honestly had no idea what to expect. Two years and thousands of users later we have been humbled by the countless emails from users like you telling us how much they enjoy Caffiend and how it has helped them with their caffeine consumption.

I know things have been quiet on the Caffiend front for the past few months, but we have been very hard at work. We are working on a new update, one of the largest ones we have ever done. There are lots of new features, speed increases, updates to existing features and lots of bug fixes. We are aware that a lot of users saw an increase in bugs with Caffiend 1.6, so we have made it a priority to focus on bug fixes in this release and not to rush the update out.

We haven’t unveiled a complete list of new features, but that should drop in the next couple of weeks. We will do a full preview before launch. In the meantime, I wanted to thank every single user of Caffiend and let you know how much we enjoy working on this app for you. The past two years have been amazing and I speak for everyone at Creative Ave when I say we are excited about where the future will take us.

As a birthday present, I have included a single screenshot showing some of the new features of the Caffiend 1.7 update. This is a screen of the redesigned dashboard, but there are plenty more new features left to unveil. Enjoy and thank you once again for all your support!

– Matt

Caffiend 1.5.2 Bug Fixes

We wanted to follow up on the reports from a small number of users who are still seeing sync issues between Caffiend on iPhone and Caffiend on Apple Watch. We recently released Caffiend 1.5.1 to address these issues, but they have persisted for some users.

To further address this, we are preparing Caffiend 1.5.2 that will be finalized very shortly. We are adjusting some of our logic for how we address the timing of synchronizations based on feedback from users still experiencing issues.

We are really sorry for any interruption this has caused for you. We are very proud of Caffiend and all the new features we have been able to bring you, but bugs that cripple that experience are a major bummer. At Creative Ave, we use Caffiend ourselves to track our consumption and want everyone to have the same bug-free experience.

Stay tuned


Caffiend 1.5.1 coming soon!

We are planning a minor update to Caffiend 1.5 that squashes a few bugs that have been reported. Thanks to Caffiend users Joe and Vince for helping us pin down these specific issues.

We also have included much improved Voice Over support for those using Accessibility settings.

Thanks for your continued support and please review Caffiend on the App Store. Also feel free to send us any feedback you may have, as customer demand helps shape future releases.

Caffiend 1.5 Now Available

We have been working on a new major release of Caffiend, version 1.5, since late January. We’re pleased to announce that update is now available in the iOS App Store. When you download your free update to Caffiend 1.5, here are a few of the new features you will see :

  • New Apple Watch app that allows you to enter drinks (Quick Drinks and Favorites)
  • Additional settings to turn off the Quick Drink confirmation and set the default tab for adding a drink
  • Speed improvements
  • LOTS of bug fixes
  • Multiple Complications for Apple Watch

I think you will find this is by far our best version of Caffiend yet. If you have any questions, head over to our support site. We are also in the process of doing some additional support materials which should be made available soon. In the meantime follow us on Twitter @creative_ave and let us know if you have any questions.

If you have a few minutes, please rate and review Caffiend in the App Store. It helps us out tremendously and guides us on what feature we should focus on for future releases.

The Creative Ave Team


Caffiend 1.3 Released!

We are happy to announce that Caffiend 1.3 has finally been released. This update includes lots of new features, including :

• iOS9 compatibility
• Hydration tracking (syncs with iOS 9 Health)
• Rebuilt home screen
• Home screen favorites are now “My Drinks”
• Redesigned Drinks screen, now with tabs for Favorites and History
• Set a custom date/time for your drink (user requested)
• Tapping on a favorite now provides instructions to set a favorite if it is empty (user request)
• Drinks can now be searched for in iOS9 Spotlight, and selecting a result takes you directly into the app
• Minor modifications to the Journal (editing coming soon)
• Settings screen now shows the current values
• New Setting to Clear all current “My Drinks”
• Updated Today Widget with Hydration Value
• New Watch app for watchOS2 (much faster) – Major additions to this coming in 1.4

If you experience any bugs, please fill out the contact form on our website. We are looking into any reports and are preparing a patch to address anything we missed in testing. Thanks!

Update on Caffiend 1.3

I wanted to offer all of our users an update on Caffiend 1.3, our latest update. We have had the update submitted to Apple and awaiting their app review teams to clear us for release since late September. We had originally intended this update to coincide with the release of iPhones 6S and iOS9, so this long of a delay comes as a huge shock to us.

Our 1.3 update is fairly substantial, so we are quite excited to get it into your hands.

There isn’t much we have been able to learn thus far, but the review process for this update is taking much longer than usual. In the meantime, we have began work on Caffiend 1.4 and also have been addressing some holes in our drink database. Thanks to some reviews on the App Store and some email feedback from our users, we have added Costa Coffee drinks, a UK based company. We have also added drinks from Dunkin’ Donuts in the USA. We will be adding more drinks from some additional companies in the UK, including SSP, Caffé Nero, Wild Bean Café and Coffee Republic.

We are planning on expanding our drink list throughout other European countries during the first half of 2016. Thanks for supporting us as we move forward with Caffiend.

– Matt

Update on Updates

We are making some changes to information previously released, so I wanted to clarify this for users for Caffiend. We had previously mentioned that version 1.2 would be coming this Fall and would include some larger feature updates. That plan has not changed, but the version system has.

We are going to move to a tick/tock update system for Caffiend. For those unfamiliar, this means we will be following up one feature packed release with a smaller, more focused, efficient release. So on to the changes…

Caffiend 1.2 is now scheduled to be released in mid-August. It features many optimizations and improvements, including a smaller install size, greatly improved search, another fix for the low res menu icons bug, improved updater, a new rating/feedback system, updated drinks, tweaked Watch app and UI improvements to the Journal and the Unit Preference panel.

The features we had previously discussed for version 1.2 will now arrive in Caffiend 1.3, which will be released in Fall, where update 1.2 was previously scheduled for release. Caffiend 1.3 will be a larger release and include the fully redesigned Apple Watch app, iOS 9 improvements and other features we’ll discuss closer to release.

Basically, our users will be getting an extra update, sooner, that will iron out some bugs, enhance your experience, and prepare the way for larger updates coming in the future. Thank you again for all of your support.

– Matt

Caffiend 1.1 update released

We are pleased to announce that Caffiend 1.1 has been released on the iOS App Store. The 1.1 update is HUGE and includes the features our users have been asking for the most, including :

• The Journal – The journal tracks all items you have entered into Caffiend and sorts them by day. This allows you to see at a glance how your caffeine consumption varies day to day. This also allows you to delete unwanted entires from Caffiend and the Health app.

• mL support – Users in countries that use the mL standard instead of options can now choose which unit preference they want to use. This can be switched on demand.

• Daily Reminder – Caffiend can now give you a notification at a time of your choice to enter Caffeine. This is useful if you forget to enter your caffeine, because the reminder will only hassle you if your daily intake is 0.

• Bug fixes and more!

We are now planning out the feature list for Caffiend 1.2, which we hope to release this Fall. That update, as promised previously, is going to have a major goal of adding functionality to Apple Watch. We are also aiming to adopt some new iOS 9 features in this release.

Please let us know how you like the app, either by contacting us directly or by leaving a review on the App Store. Thank you again for your support.