Caffiend 1.1 update released

We are pleased to announce that Caffiend 1.1 has been released on the iOS App Store. The 1.1 update is HUGE and includes the features our users have been asking for the most, including :

• The Journal – The journal tracks all items you have entered into Caffiend and sorts them by day. This allows you to see at a glance how your caffeine consumption varies day to day. This also allows you to delete unwanted entires from Caffiend and the Health app.

• mL support – Users in countries that use the mL standard instead of options can now choose which unit preference they want to use. This can be switched on demand.

• Daily Reminder – Caffiend can now give you a notification at a time of your choice to enter Caffeine. This is useful if you forget to enter your caffeine, because the reminder will only hassle you if your daily intake is 0.

• Bug fixes and more!

We are now planning out the feature list for Caffiend 1.2, which we hope to release this Fall. That update, as promised previously, is going to have a major goal of adding functionality to Apple Watch. We are also aiming to adopt some new iOS 9 features in this release.

Please let us know how you like the app, either by contacting us directly or by leaving a review on the App Store. Thank you again for your support.