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September 05, 2019
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Caffiend 3 has been rebuilt to take advantage of the latest iOS features. The Dashboard interface had modernized to be a card view, allowing you to access more information than ever before. Now, for the first time, Caffiend also includes graphs to help you visualize your caffiene intake and feel better.

Log your caffeine intake

Caffiend offers a large database of frequently updated drinks, foods and other items that contain caffeine. Any of these items can be quickly logged by saving them as a favorite. Favorites are accessible from the Dashboard and allow you to log a drink and it's saved parameters with one tap. We also support the creation of fully custom items if you have a homemade item, or something you don't find in our database. Also, multiple sizing options are built in for adjusting your item's quantity. Caffiend also allows you to choose when your item will be added to the Journal (in case you forgot.. or are planning ahead!)

Use our barcode scanner to search popular items - and enter their information automatically. If you need to add a specific amount of caffeine or hydration, we have you covered with a Manual Entry.

Journaling and Tracking

Logging is only half the battle. The Journal is Caffiend's repository for all the data you enter. The Journal keeps track of everything you intake, every day and at what time. With a swipe you can edit or remove erroneous entries from Caffiend – and we automatically pull them from Health.app too! You are also able to export your entire Journal into a CSV file for archiving, sharing with your doctor, or reimporting back into Caffiend*.

Integrated with iOS Health

All of this caffeine and hydration data is synced to iOS Health for easy long-term monitoring by you, your health professional, or sharing with other health apps. And we take your privacy seriously - no health information (including what you have saved in the journal) is ever stored on our servers. Your data lives on your device. We cannot access your data - period.


Caffiend also strives to be a good accessibility citizen. We include support for Apple’s Voice Control feature, allowing users to navigate the Caffiend interface using only their voice. The UI has been tuned to allow for easy access to all features, without long robotic commands. Voice commands are short and allow you to quickly access Caffiend’s features.


Caffiend 3 features a continued modernization of the app interface. The Dashboard now features a card view, including charts, favorites and more. Watch this space for the latest updates. An ever present button to log your drinks floats in the bottom right corner, allowing you to quickly access it no matter where you have scrolled.

Log Your Way

Once you begin to enter a drink, the all new Log screen takes center stage. Depending on your preference, you can log items quickly or drill down for more detail. This is headlined by a search field at the top of the screen which lets you quickly search the entire Caffiend Database. Recent items now feature a (+) button, allowing you to instantly log with a tap. Or tap the item itself to adjust details. And if you want to browse, our category view is still at the bottom.

Widgets All Around

Caffiend now supports the latest iOS widget system, bringing widgets to your home screen and with iOS 16, your lockscreen. You can now get caffeine and water intake information at a glance no matter where you are.

For current Caffiend users, all updates are free. Caffiend includes all future updates, and has no recurring subscriptions. If you haven’t tried Caffiend yet, now is the best time ever! Caffiend costs less than a cup of coffee or a soda – download it today for only $1.99 on the App Store!

* Coming in an update Spring 2023
** Apple Watch support has been temporarily removed - it will return in a future update.



Caffiend is available on the iOS App Store for only $1.99. All future updates are included, no subscription pricing.